From Germany to UAE

We bridge cultures

Bridges is an enterprise based in the UAE that facilitates the best of German management for the regional markets. Our focus is on environmental solutions.


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From our regional headquarter in Abu Dhabi we are always ready to visit you short-term...

Our competence

Environmental Solutions

Bridges has a strong focus on the environment. We take care of almost any problem. Please find our most common fields of business...


The cliché is right

Confessions about being German: Yes, we are hard working, love organising and sometimes even eat Sauerkraut.

Internationally Awarded


To ensure a maximum of processual and organisational quality, BRIDGES is undergoing audits on a regular base. Please, check our certificates.


Present and past projects

We have completed a number of successful projects in the Gulf region. Please name your field of interest and we will happily provide references...


Experts from all over the world

Bridges Environmental supplies outstanding skills from all over the world to regional operations. This is, how we work...